The Roar that the Kids heard

animal roar music for kids and babies


Waiting For The Summer Storm

Hungry for pain as I burn my vocal down to the core 3 hours and 52 minutes on the phone with a stranger who addressed his self as a natural born killer and will file government action if I don’t comply with his terms and agreements, with massive frustration leaving all the lights & T.V […]

90 Seconds Under Water

♣♣♣♣ ♣♣♣♣ Looking past go I saw no end to my future before yesterday, I made a promise to the long life love of my faith until I realize I was on edge looking down at a sky fall drop that probably will or can leave me paralyzed on parallel waters. Welcome to my story my […]

Anonymous Call

After the morning News went off the phone ring for the last thousands time, so I decide to pick up the landline before my morning jog as while preparing my feet tube hot wash to soften up the skin during my daily exercise that will motivate every run to get the day started with satisfaction. […]