My Roar got me breakfast in bed, my Roar got my tidy home, my Roar got me the screen shot that deliver my husband on a silver platter. Sometime now I will be able to delivery the proper exchange to succeed my dealing success, every Roar intercept the wonderful winds, gather perfect timing and align the rates, that shall allow every direction to flow according to the tempo of the roar and what you proceed.

Every wonder what happen to the sad song that driven the natural born babies off the cliff, well for started it was the unnatural sounds that capture the unwanted light that keep mother nature for found it’s true potential in the dusk, shadowing the roar cause prevention to self estimate the time of cracking the foundation in matters to skip or even worst sabotage the prospect idea that will loop the roar into a motion forward. The freedom cries for a late trail date, eligibility stream has not define the term hearing for the idea roar, this makes my case fair structural base, too young to talk ethic’s but the sounds of roar can reach decision making.

Hey my age and weight may not add up to 100 but my name is Nicky Boy and my roar collectedly bring millions for designers who sometimes are out whack, I don’t blame the wrong idea for not being too funky and crazy, at my age I stare at solution that only baby’s & Kids can see or even delivery postal exchange.

Roar Wonderful Wind 3
My approached is steer strong with the lark roar that might grab attention when there is no need for my breath circling the room, A major push over sometimes when ask the wrong question several times but I understand the heat of the media. Am just a kid with a big roar and yes I deserved my attention every moment is fulled with heart warmth that continues my loud vocal pad to promo echo. Your attitude stinks but there is nothing that can’t stop the roar from striking the parallel words from it’s thunder.


Yelling sometimes work’s when am ignored by angry & fractured people, the same people who forget to heat up my bottle, “That Not Okay”  taking ABC notes will come at advantage much later on, my parents gave the public permission to call me Nicky Boy am around 4 1/2  years old and my speech is very low English with high volume of roar direction, I been in the game since half my age and I might know the different between small boat and large ship with carrier equipment, every single baby hold it’s own unique inventory roar to pursue communication in need of some facts or disputation to compete in the wonderful world of wind.

◊◊                                      Roar The Fashion Wind                               ◊◊


Hummit of goodnight roar
Every scene has its night’s and glory, spending time thinking during the greatest moments of your life is progress in effect, The Roar spoke for your chances every time, you match a demand that became consisted with your function, the roar control is most of your exclusive media and plural work creating general attraction to your website, determining what size fit the roar and roster for personalize business.       

In Theory I never loss competition, if I lose to the winner by default , I simply gain reasonable  experience to back track  mistakes, errors or just bad luck, bad luck can be at times just not your general elected team to sponsor your curriculum ideas base on culture and that’s cool! doesn’t mean I didn’t collect a bank roll at the end of sales. Attracting traffic is a optimize industry project that has present, past tense drills that manufactures  the wonderful winds, Nicky boy is apart of the existent industry, 2 years old and accomplish on conquering his age as while preparing for the world by stretching his roar on a professional level. Why compare a grown man to a infant boy? The start is viral when you young to be infulance into a game of a compete or predictors, a joyful competitor take his or her time to understand the ethic of the roar and a predictor simply smash the industry with other people tools and create third wheels to survivor and than claim credit for the start up and of cause they trending zone. Am Nick Boy and am not going for that crap! I got a mean mug mom who knows my best interests in life, for a 4 1/2 year old who has potential opening up a saving for my early collage career and a hot rod car, am pretty much all set for the American plot, am a hot shot baby who spend most of my time listing to my mom and my mom coach, yelling during the day is option that defends the purpose of winning all the time. I enjoy the expression in my roar contents, sometimes the work becomes more complex because I am catching up in a world of expendable people who just simply can’t cut minor league level, that statement makes me giggle with my lunch able in my hand! I knew the way to the end zone and the competitor knew the direction too.

◊◊                                   Roar The Fashion Wind                                   ◊◊

Roar and The shadow that put me here
Tiger Cartoon All Wins


My Finally Nap is coming around, with all the misunderstand and bad terminally languages my eyelashes are getting heavy with all the multiple sounds of roar bouncing off the thick concert walls, it’s getting hard to compete with the adolescent adults abusing my intelligent, since my time in show business I found that overview becomes more the urgency of profit and might becomes a problem for my heath, I just started out in the working world, let alone just came to plant earth a few years ago. I am not much into the gossip and tall latte with coffee for extra guess to brace their opinion about Babies & Kids, My routine is pretty simple, I keep on crying to lady mug realize her wig is on too tight and it’s time to go! The genital roar is what I look forward too at the end of my day (Nick Boy) but it’s just noon and time for power cats cartoon and rest my roar until next time…. This is Roar The Wonderful Wind    

The End

Written & Design Rodney Askins  

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“The insurance policy” 

I frame my name, my will and the integrity that created my pain to fumble the ball before and after scoring
Never stood for nothing, when my eyes where close and consider dead weight an opportunity to plead my differences as mobile killer taking out the trash. I mean just on wheels looking at my life that torture my will as a man, had to come to an end by succeeding the impossible.

Looking in to my path has been a rash deep in the wounds of my skin battling the appropriate agenda that I live by, ever hand touch has it’s own disciplinary and exciting methods of dawn, carrying out the devils wish may be a unappropriated thing to say in the neck of a conversation about news breaking themes that happen late last summer and the summer before about auto execution deaths that lead to a mad given city that toll a $1 billion dollars of fraudulently earn income through a source of insurance companies who pitch advertisement and blind ads to extort their customers and long term clients making their life a perfect harmony match to crusade  the norm of a rich life at all means necessary. Growing up an a massive over populated city toughing my thoughts as an individual learning how to survivor the trend setter methods that cave in the streets day in and day out has been the factor of my life, am not looking for suggestion or group therapy to resolve my interests in life choices, just explaining my reasons for being the type to just not care about people feelings. Having bad weeks can be common in a city like minds, everybody with a chip on their shoulder strongly believes that their obligation has one option and one option only and that is to make as much money as possible with no regards to the rules or policy that measures the board of conduct to success, having fear to someone emotional or financial crisis is no concern when the art of dollars breach the conversation, beside of the high volume criminal activity in the entire city.

I have became a know factor to dissolve both sides of the business whether offense or defenses that can control the crime input of money that takes the crown of society depressions to feel success without a thinking cap or future planning to bring full closure to my life at a elderly age. I guess that just how it is, struggling is not an option to consider as low income or high paid off, which I completely understand and that’s why my definition is clear on how I do business, meeting Micheal Bailey the know crook self image guy who’s about his name becoming more of the headlines everyday and the talk of the street has finally step in my domain of personal interests and leverage factor that separates conversation and whats happening now differences.

“Characterization with Micheal Bailey” 

It's time for over drive to kick ass a elderly man to search for answers whether the end of the line reaches in both favors
The perks about being a much older man is I get to rise the the kids from my naked eye from toddlers in to stone hard crooks, however I don’t judge the aliment and the discovery for each strange person that pass by the dark trails of the city image that designate his own grown wishful think to become the product that he or she deliver to the people during occupation  moments and moon light sleep. 😑


what is an average life
Make way for my honest due diligent to crash the car that took million from innocent people and 100 thousands more lives that got destroy during the storm of fraud.😎

Having a empty soul toward Micheal Bailey has enter my life sometime during the road of street crime war on the behalf of insurance fraud, might be the master mind of the shoe fit size but all together he has become the genuine influences of the legend street crime all through the back end of the city street to the main hub spot light that pride the luxury of spending and consist of the manor that rise such an morally behavior that clouds people mind with the destruction that lands the fraudulently behavior of a person such as Micheal Bailey. Not try to figure out any solution to over ruled the smack talk about Micheal Bailey and his way of taking control and staying in control of amounts of money coming in from all sites of direction from the city resident, my guess is as a crook you must stomach the aware of the business thief and tell your self how much the business me to you, sucking up all the air around you and the poison gas air taking it’s place to confuses the public on so many different levels to plays it’s natural apart of chaos and determination to bring in the wheel of a name with hard core interests behind the walk and the person happen to be Micheal Bailey. His name is an every coffee and talk, police use his name as a sign of propaganda at it’s worst to interrogation the city streets for criminal actives result, Micheal Bailey is my guy and I have to work fast before the cop trap him off for good.

I can’t not allow that to happen, Micheal Bailey has cause people to move out their homes and families are stuck in shelter with lifeless support and high budgets all around them making almost impossible to live or even get back on their feet. The kind of guy Micheal Bailey is straight forward at all times, in this money fraud case, Micheal Bailey expect’s no surprise from me or any other rival enemy, include the police, that’s why my on going phone call since going back 2 years ago has been in factor about Micheal Bailey behavior and destroyer methodology that shadow the city into darkest for the past 10 years. Ben Lady… Oh yeah Ben Lady is a modern day killer with exception on delivering the job the many innocent people are out business related to their personal life, me and Ben Lady share the same similar with our protocol ethic decision making and to carry out what needs to be done with the screams from the public restroom to the bus stops are becoming more louder than ever.

“Micheal Bailey Killer” 

one shot should take out street cat
Look who talking now, having seen a real man fight in ages but my 357 revolver has been quite the gentleman over the last 15 years and talks through garbage when impulse becomes the call of action, making waves and sound effects has caught a lot of attention with press writer wonder how the shoe fit and my life after the smoke clear.😍  

Meeting Ben Lady was no accident, a hard guy like me searching for answer in my city became a painful matter to watch my own mother put in the street for cold cash thief from people who believe in hard earn money through a bank account source is more fundamental to steel than sell drugs in the dump of the city. Lady Ben had her own theory about criminal warfare and the necessary solution that need to be taken place for crook like Micheal Bailey, Lady Ben all so explain to me that her past street relation does involved with murders and silent kill strike zone, a straight born hustle killer that made out to be a to die for wife. Making way for Lady Ben has not been no easy task to complete considering the layout is strictly business and making a payment has been stressful deed on my end of the barging but ever sale venture has been my support life line to break through thousand of dollars per month and wishful thinking of saving money had no option but to work a little hard to complete the task and that task is to paid Lady Ben to murder Micheal Bailey at all cost. Several months down the line Lady Ben made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse, with all the money I had saved up, she told me to keep the money to start over with your new life with my mom, she all so told me that I know you are not innocent but what Micheal Bailey cause makes street punks look like snow angles and need to be put down. Later that month my cell phone ring around 12:30 at night and the person on the opposite end of the phone was Lady Ben, talking with joy over phone asking me to thank her before heading back to the hills and I reply why, She revamp her words and said “well for started your buddy Micheal Bailey is lock in a abandon house in the basement with steel bars going across with no food or water but plenty of space to think about what he has cause your city and the special people in your life, she all so explain to me to keep a open fresh calendar and count the days off as the weeks go by, gave or take Micheal Bailey has 25 to 39 days to live without food and water. My examination came to a conclusion that Micheal Bailey wasn’t fit to go toe to toe with me and I decided starvation was more the appropriate code of honor. Lady Ben last words to me was to take care and move forward with my life, peace and enjoyment is waiting on the other side of the road. The End   

Thank You For Reading Engaging Rodney Askins 


Join the NetWork
LinkedIn User

Less than ever I needed another job, however this time I will experience the interview and job related question to be ask and reversed, messaging  multiple source is exciting to be apart of such promise method is a result of my adult career, delivering the customer service is not the problem but a secure environment can guarantee excellent service.

taking a picture allows me to relax for more encounter
Don’t watch me too close, you might scare your self out of your own skin, taking a selfie is normal in our social media playground, beauty is only in the bones deep, founding that solution that desire your thinking is honest and hard workmanship actives to be involved social conduct when looking for an employer.

The Line of work I do has a mass desire of happy hour gentleman, gentleman lounge, gentleman club and gentle bars, my problem is founding the right employer to take serious with his line of management and rules with regulation, the last 5 year of my job experience in the adult industries has been a disaster story between the security not doing they job, poor client management and complaints about other girls actives/ behavior that potential leads to harassment and dangerous after work violence. While job searching on LinkedIn and looking for the honest employer to deliver a discusses  that can lead to a potential offer far as numbers and work scheduled but I need to sit down before an interview and message a LinkedIn user about information and what are employers looking for or looking forward to from an adult star employee that has it’s bounders line in the ethically department. So I decide to start with an agenda check list at home to justify my needed and good customer service…

My First Pornography Interview Agenda – In Theory

job search on LinkedIn
Founding a name is a oral to my height  success and beyond, never did I take a chance where there was no background of a addition benefits to keep the roof in tack. Placing decision does not come easy, making a choice dignify your future character and much more. Casting an interview is a form of speech for the interviewee to ask the right question to align your ethics with the employer policy, general speaking most or all employer should want all candidates to be the they self, to perform, at best job task during work shifts, be mindful about your decision making in your adult career.
  1. Create an active network that involves with my adult career.
  2. Create an LinkedIn Profile user account to establish profile & employer research character.
  3. Try not to focus on LinkedIn profile photos, match a demand of work related skills and prior/ current jobs.
  4. Message with positive attitude even tho you might not like the LinkedIn character user profile.
  5. Look for General response and connection that share the role you are looking for in a job or career.
  6. The Idea of LinkedIn is to provide career culture and a new balance to the up coming financial market for success on both party of the meeting of the mind. 
  7. Be mindful of the curriculum steps to take during optimize research, remember better security comes with more independent morality that benefits higher payroll establishment. 
  8. Giving your connection a chance to analyze your “Now” current opportunity such as internship that involves with the network to gather a connection rapport for hiring base opportunity.
  9. Adult career is a tense innovation that need physical briefs and excise consisted methods to allow your mind and body to accept the tense methodology of a adult career.
  10. Keep track of your LinkedIn connection and followers with or without a job to insure your network with multiple opportunity that benefits your adult career and lifestyle.
Adult career warmth
Waiting for my heart and job skills to come together to fulfilled the finest service that I can deliver on the job professional, having a hand full keeps my motivated busy to extreme the atmosphere and customer services skill, the objective is to overturn customer into clients for multiple  parties to be satisfied with profits, services and of cause a paycheck.

Landing my opportunity with LinkedIn and my adult career is a massive level skill that I have to keep control with the creative and connection that makes each idea relevant to my network, follower or who to follow is important to my arts & craft profile, each connection account has to fit my ideal of a desirable career essential, meaning the checklist has to match my requirements and demands of a opportunity that worth my attention and energy, my flexibility towards my adult career can and will be extreme provide the customer service that I was hired for and establishing rapport for months with my LinkedIn account to my the actual career possible.

“Investing my time and energy”

link 11Taking pride on what I do is a dream come true. Always have hope in your heart whether the input becomes a hassle or even worst a disaster moment, prepare yourself to have an understand and the why or why not.

How would LinkedIn user be more of a opportunity, landing the prefect career setting already? Well… there are investment firms and products that can be sponsor with my line of work, adult career has its hiding benefits that I must attack, money is an issues when I don’t make enough to considering my own security when am not working and family is my only option when the curtain close for the night or even days inn. Thanking everybody on my connection has been amazing with great support and LinkedIn has provided the service attention that I needed to land that creditable opportunity with the employer relationship to have understanding of his best interest with his company and my preference fitting with the company policy but as I log off, what is in my best interest comes first, until next time with my story and adult career ,it’s been a pleasure searching for the right area in my life and LinkedIn was my opportunity of a ride.  The End 



Today my love for truth & liver has become an alt of my life and heart warmth surrounding the noise people who think they got the world figure out, I spend four days a week shaving my legs because of the consisted smoking on the job while every component that collects a check thinks death or morality of stealing whether it an items or respect. My general action are a “women growing hair on her legs” is a clear option that reach my attention years ago before the cold got stuck in my eye, living in a shameless city create attention whether its relevant or non relevant I started to realize my counter action where defaulting my environment as I became more shallow to my work surrounding and other people with names written in hand writing across they name tag, am one of the few who look forward for retention curriculum to boost my weird side and customer service experiences conversation to the next level of my life. My establishment and cold years of poverty intake has set forward into power drive for my LinkedIn user account profile, I just hope that there is enough room for LinkedIn network to take in A Woman growing hair on her legs via A Woman growing hair on her Legs

Story Telling page one

am past due
Saving hope or just ruining from a another crime, am not to sure about anything

“I Left my wife for $10 an hour” I never dream to leave home for a outlook profanation in my man hood to create a different man with a fake ID or should I said a whole new character. Blame and stress becomes a code to sign off my ordeal to shame my culture and hardens of a man to stand strong as a human to be able to talk to another man while being a husband with two legs, two hands, both eyes has clear vision to see right through political bull shit! that run like diarrhea through the mouth, maybe… just maybe that can be the result of my legal disappearances or just not into the marriage with my wife in the state of crime in my home country. I didn’t need my wife approval to leave my home and a beautiful woman that cries to sleep every night for god justice and military execution for the crime that been permitted in the last two decades in the village, 20 minutes away from the city market where most of the crime are taken place because of job trade’s are being sold to fortune company’s for global distribution many of the villagers are not happy with the government compensation to supposed to feed small to large family. I mention to my wife the idea of leaving once or twice during church dinner but nothing more of it, I needed to make a decision base on my situation as a husband leaving his wife for a lottery job or developing leadership skills that make my life a risk feeder. Several night’s I dream on walking on Canadian sand and eating Burger Baron Canada and having conversation with the local burger boy talking about home society ethics and my goal to meet my wife back home, I don’t know? crazy vision just repeat itself when am under pressure about a decision making that involved leaving my wife for several years.

My wife smile allows villagers to seek for marriage and sometimes becomes the prospect victim of sex encounter with other men who happen to come back home after selling they service oversea, however the time has come now and telling my wife am going to look for work on the south side of the city which happens to be 4 hour away during local traffic and weather condition, I told her that I should be back within the end of the month but really am going to be smuggle out the country into Canada to found a job worth my wildest dreams, you know the big money –Wall Street Money. Lucky enough that evening after dinner my guy that knows the trial to my second home stop by out side of my village for a cost of $150 dollar to get me on the way, I told wife the detail about looking for work in the city and be back shortly or soon as possible but I can’t leave empty handed and she reply with a nod with tears in her eyes and said you are a man what ever that means. So my talk work… Three days later I ended up in Canada hungry as a goat but with no money and bus rides prices are unbelievable but lucky for me I met a anonymous person who had general connection with out source for employment. Wasting no time I took the job offer at the interview behind a abandoned parking lot, the conversation ended to fast, just realize I left my wife for a $10 an hour job that is part time…. The End     

Story Telling Page Two

Never Been So Lucky
My crow Interaction has developed night vision status to ensure the best service that can be delivered according to the script

     “The Mask of Evil can paid off two ways of conversational “ Hello Customers, no need to send a personal invitation to your door step I can be much help for all the concretion that needs to be resolved for whether is being a handy man or need assistant to escape life, my attitude can be judgmental for fewer donors that ask for collateral damage or to keep a promissory note that will satisfied your life and debit guarantee, a wish master to fulfilled the end of desire, what that means? I can take your positive or negative career to the impossible. The S E O has finally paid off it’s hard working tackiest to promoted evenly sales or selling your self for the next job position, my meaning is clear when it come to addressing my where about as in my name, my name isn’t necessary to some but elderly hoarder job experience may need that symbol for motivation to attack the daily theme that has been provided base on the criteria essential. What the help? Allow the effortless to take it’s genuine place as a mad scientist or crazy individual that does gave a fuck! about his/her needs at all mean necessary, my approached can be simply as well as hard for easy going intelligent programmer that map they daily calendar to an prefect idea to succeed in the good of will, much more evil talking can still get you through the door, perhaps a tricky  scam for million can be your ultimate resolution to satisfied your needs of power, not control just power, control is for more long lasting blast to oversee a campaign for it’s account value and accountability.

Mask Of Evil
I Plead the fifth, for give me for choosing the mask of evil that lead me to protect myself in the massive chaos street dealing 

Mask of Evil is the best performances that can be delivery by intend individual that lair and watches the moment of other to base their base side business into full active income, having judgmental can increased by the seconds of withdraw of heat that can be included by which option came first, be sure to follow through all action of the mask of evil to accept the con and pro of the accountability measures.        


What ever you here for I can be your provided for the talk of the good and the mask of evil, my contacts are across the board in the active market, feel free to challenged what I build through various liability campaign and other sources that made non reliable reformed bills for the sake of thief and hard labor for the rebound of partners of medical inventory“somebody got to do the job” a spendable account or liquid assets by default is also the American Dream. The options are there just make sure you go out as a winner at all times whether the mask of evil is your trait or the good of  will is your designated faith rock. Best advice, is to be clear at all giving time so the customer or client has a vision idea on what going on, leading the trap takes followers with an eye open to gain ensure trust to enable the the scam that came result into bank roll and other assessors that comes with the ordeal. As I end the plot of the story be sure to keep me in mind and be very mindful of other action that can cause an after shock.   The End

Story Telling Page Three

Join the NetWork
LinkedIn User

“Am a LinkedIn User” Founding the passive income has been exhausted to overcome the shadow moments of not having a job or just not making a enough in a overwhelmed city that’s very tough on prices, searching the web for answers was not my first intention but founding a descent establishment that would take me in like an orphan to consider my life has been dead for some time now, more than twelve years to be exactly and social contents just wasn’t my preference all founding by best solution of a membership in theory or acceptance to figure out the ruler of business measurement. My first impression of social media was violence and dating or cyber cheating, making okay to date some one online while in a serious relationship, a practice that I been seeing for months into years, I see the Mask Of Evil at work – my obligation only had one factor in mind and that was to join a civilize online family with regards and restriction to barricade the debits of our society and grow as a unique term to finish the oral of creative business and structure, why not be a part of that curriculum and sort my differences with other on my own time. I met LinkedIn from a previous ad talking about networking and founding your goal with direct contact with business leaders such as career experts and actual employer that runs the company with messaging allowed to pursue further information about the job position and the ad that creates the call of action to apply for the job online.

My next step was to create a profile and found out what was the policy when using the app or data base for job seeking, to ensure the public I had a tough time figuring out what to do and my where about to start and begin a new league on a social content business media scaffold. Pictures and templates are okay for someone who is interested in just a profile that makes their network look good, I needed a feature design to pick me out the line up  in order to be happy with the network LinkedIn. During the first four weeks was a drag, no response, no connection, no job offers with a connection to start a conversation to perhaps a prospective deal breaker between myself and the employer, than a email a had shoot my way through an account that has a social header tap, I open the email and there it was an a Meet and Greet invitation to meet the recruiter for the job position, finally some proficiency has step forward in my direction to succeed successfully through a community of all dreams, hopes and business that angle the LinkedIn Ad of building your networks and compilation your objective goals to drive more achievements as a fellow member of LinkedIn… The End 

unnamed                        Engage Rodney Askins


Founding a Trade will mount in to a character career setting that can give you and your parents the satisfaction their desire for rising such glory in a short young adult hood. Every household needs one joyful inspire all American volunteer career person to join the American Dream, take a step back and wonder how to think about making smiles faces and generated traditional experiences to make the laughter go round.


It's okay to enjoy your mom and dad career path that they have set for you when get little a older
I started as a human robot and a cool application to understand the human idea and anxiety that confuses the creative innovation & peoples thoughts.  higher educations & no limitless can be adjusted by hang over around life expert experiences to solve and decode human idea to spread among the effects and tireless community.

◊◊                              Military Aircraft                              ◊◊

I started to write this letter to my self – after graduation to inform my well being in the future and a head up as a reminder to stay focus in a cold country with a a lot rule to follow in order to gain a yard. During my last several months in college, I started to crafted a new hobby, considering the science projects and robotic engineer field as a major lead me to get closure to my mother traditional art which is vintage items and gardening, founding baseball and ruining over neighbor fenced as a child prevented me or avoid to share mother ideas and hobby that wrapped around vintage cultures items.

After visiting a Vintage Store that sold Vintage Army and Navy items a few months before college graduation I realize vintage army & navy ringed an idea for career opportunity from a deeper point of view, believe me! I had no clue what to do far as career and job overview or just opening a dollar store and take my chances in the franchisees business. Walking into the vintage store told me a story about first class, building ethics in a still born society and working with my hands no matter the cost. The Vintage store that carrier the vintage army and navy items sold me a story about what I should do next after college and there after, making my vision clear than usually when am not drinking heavy at the bar.

Aircraft by Mitiary
Two huge air craft choppers flew by my dorm window and at the neck of time I was watching some old classics army and navy films that been itching my skin for some time now, more importantly the brotherhood personal conversation that kept their faith to continue to war or served their country without moral disappointment whether their fellow solider screw up in order or strategy.

As I stood and view an art photo who at the time represent the the USA Sergent Major I saw a quick refection of life being constructed with apparel demands and leadership, an middle age woman was struck by out loud comments and ask me my name, I loudly yelled My Name is Bergen Bully, and she answer back why the last name bully? I gently responded with loud verbs and said my aggressive approached and loud conversation gave people the idea am a bully but sometimes my internal echo relates to an bully but if I can’t have my way or someone is wasting my time I can turn over to a bully and speed the processed faster, The middle age woman quickly laugh and said you are looking at the right picture of that Sergeant Major, she also went on about how she not my career advance advisor but being a bully is a talent in the military, Bergen you should look into that career and join the service and take up trade and learned how to fly. The Vintage Army Navy store also had fly fighter classic uniforms with photo from a blast from the past, fly fighter that crossed the air waves in 1941 year Me 262 Storm BIRD(Swallow) have opened the door for me Bergen Bully and foot steps with error as a retention report to come up with a better strategist as pilot and a man serving his country, figuring out my next steps while in the vintage army navy store and moments way from graduated from college, I know now what my destiny is… to take control of the air & sky waves.

◊◊                                Military Aircraft                           ◊◊


Vintage Army and Navy
Sir Mathew Sergent Major an ideal expression of what Bergen Bully is putting his entirely faith to start his pilot career as fly fighter

The day before my graduation I decided to stop by a local bar with some class mates as a award to the step in my life and go over some legal mail from the military about my draft to the arm forces, a few shots of whiskey and a conversation with my class mates will put me in the mood to deliver my feeling about joining the fly fight. My class mates was not surprise that I joined giving the last name bully. Making jokes over shots of whiskey definitely paid the way of laughter at the bar with my classic torn leather that represent the 1940’s pilot war that I bought from the Vintage store during a short period of time when I though about buying a dollar store fresh out of college without no business strategy. My Class mates and I spend hours talking about our future and mindful career to attach our life structure with lied up head, my intention are clear and the decision making part came before my actual graduation.. WOW! I though I would be stuck with this bully attitude until a business venture came my way from thin air, as the hours narrow down the whiskey started to get heavy on my eyes and emotion about vintage army and navy photo became my reality to live by traditional rules and outcome , know matter the source or how hard the whiskey is, my choice to join the America way and maybe have a photo of service of uniform solider can follow a truthfully trend for the next generation after I hit veteran funds and social security,  maybe I can be that old guy talking about harbors and whistle in a vintage store to sell a conversation about my entire life from scratch to the next grad that’s confused about his life and moving forward.

Don’t wait up! I got a call from the command general assistant a few hours away from me walking down the aisle of graduation and with my hype about flying military aircraft gave me a instant impulses to not show up to my college graduation and take off as soon as possible. Cheer America my aircraft eagle is waiting for me, My name is Bergen Bully and is my story…..

◊◊                                 Military Aircraft                           ◊◊

Aircraft fighter
The End – Bergen Bully the man with appetite for vintage apparel
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via Five Day Tarot Forecast 2/25-3/1 I have a lot memory that I would love to come to life share with tarot reading and align my future plus density. Gave me a chance to work through the reading that may or may not show proof. Risk takers is my analogy for started, exciting and exclusive flow through my veins and my eyes thru traffic, can and will a five day tarot reading save the vegetable side of my soul sending me a cause of action to delegate the five day tarot forecast.

Picture the city in a fish tank and the only ones are allow to swim is the people with shark teeth, let’s talk about drawing the map with icon location to establish money culture, determiner the fish food and build website that image our closets, keep payroll close and buy employment roster to feed the potential warms. Giant gardens with deep foot soil foundation so the growth can spout correctly, justifying the night walker to execute personal candidate that the prospect industry may consider on the economy value.         

My day job is devoted to clients and my night job is anaytic thinking
So yeah! My first year in Real Estate & Real Estate Sales I made 2.51 Million dollars, I needed to become a ghost because it was just the beginning of my new career with tone of sale experience from different areas of customer service I grow to learn about the general market with hands on experience from cash & carry to executive network sales working the street understanding the internal consumer, I learned how to be ghost with enormous process to debit circumstance into a calendar were I can figure out my time schedule and where to start and end the closing.


Now where do I begin to start the night off, first let me hit the local pharmacy to get the proper a tie and cosmetic to brush the lighting dust from the spotlights at work, It happens now and then, I try not to let it get the best of me. Making your own set of rules becomes a long shot in the real estate industry or sales period, creating bounders lines should come with the authority as a Independent contractor, come on… Think about it! your broker or principal hires you base on your credential and some what of your line of experience in general sale, the privilege is you get to make up your own hours and follow office polices. Remember every solution after that is all inbound funnel land, That How I became the Night Walker- I created an image that align with the property article 12a laws, then assist my character to become three people all in one… A coach, quarterback and a center, the most important position in theory is the center, Why? Because inside your office or others(Ha Ha) you have competition who sometimes decide to take on a big job for such a small person, the big word “IF” if that co – player don’t score than I be right there under that basket to catch the rebound. It’s important to utilize every offer although the customer was a rebound referral for the jump, Becoming a night walker takes years of practice to learn genuine development skills to encounter experiences handling actual sales pitch, selling an idea can be a number of  scenario. At the super market take five minutes of your time and try to sell a shopper your famous tomato sauce, try to explore an idea where the shopper decided to buy an item base on your word of mouth promotion, convincing stage is the honor of sales pitch, your word of mouth is the genuine development of skills and that’s how you can become a Night Walker, just a few more steps before you can endorse the Night Walker wardrobe for success but the very next step is to have total disclosure regarding the business and prompt your word of mouth promotion to top tier acceleration to start your foundation  sale career at a unbelievable steer.

Tell me alittle about yourself?
I want to welcome the public to our third annul job fair business recruiter junction, as every body knows we don‘t tolerate miss use resume and prep testing is require before an interview to show case of job base level inquires. performance is a sure indeed, also for necessary Microsoft or Google application please go to our job center website to take design performances exam. please don‘t waste my time and yours and by the way please “Tell me about yourself and why I should hire you?”   

Tonight is my big night just like every other night, business eyes when conducting Real Estate, the strength of a Night Walker is you have to be able to treat every potential job offer as if it’s a million dollar drum roll, why? Easy question.. gathering your rapport to network, network is a collateral term of an business resume theory, that’s why I am[Night Walker]grossing more than six figure per year.

Night Walker logo
After Closing

Tonight is a career decision making between myself and the brokerage that I  represent, am Meeting with a multi time million dollar account company who represent the top five industry leaders cooperation who could ultimately define my career as most collective and promise to close the terms at both parties best interests,  that can make me the  top tier Real Estate agent in the city and most rich agent in the country… WOW!

Meeting with this company got me on edge, rumor has it that the employer like to keep working surprise just to make sure they have the right candidate to insure they market gross, make sense in my book of the Night Walker. On the way to the night lounge I run into a commercial analysis consultant who love to talk about his self and what technology has to offer with the right investment, social marketing designer and skillful product with a out going crusader with sharp talking and walk with a tight edge to convince the public to try the products for free. A instant wing man to a company me at my conferences dinner, that’s Real Estate… To have satisfaction and excitement all in one, no need to have a game face, chances are my rapport resume might be at tonight dinner as a extra cast for rebound if I get stuck with my tablet PowerPoint presentation.

Every thing is at risk, the collateral damage always been with me since the day I started Real Estate, so the pressure is just a fresh breath of air to nail my oblation and services my agenda, The idea of failure is a compliment to draw on the flow chart for the next days office conferences outcome. Discussion distances of the fiduciary accounts and law vs product is my idea to start the count down of the meeting of the minds. My trio business Rep which are the Real Estate Attorney, My Accounting and myself have reach a second offer after the counter offer, as a Night Walker am very familiar with sales contract and with that said I decided to write a note with initial to promise to carry out the primary duties first before pursuing prospect customers to buy and invest in the contract demand.

A few moments when by as I heard “You got yourself a deal” my heart had to adjust, as my career started to flash before my eyes the pressure released from its natural stage    but the impulse drove my trio crazy and a another story has been created in my inventory of the night walker.

Okay… It’s getting late and the drive is waiting for me, as the night end, I started thinking about tomorrow next job offer, but till next time, my earn income is waiting for me Bentley Exp 10 The Night Walker is closing the screen, till the next impulse job offer

The End, Thank You For Parallel Word Readers

Written By. Rodney Askins 

Engaged Parallel Word. Power


Thank you for enjoying the culture of the website parallel word – Here is letter poem in honor of February 14 Valentines Day… Please Enjoy and dont’t forget to announce your be love spouse with the actual parallel words of love 
Parallelword say happy Valentines
The Love that I inherited over years of red heart calendar has draw out our commitment toward one another, first sight of love has nothing on us and for what we build during the struggles of identity crisis. I can draw hearts all day for valentines day with your name in the middle, but I realize I need more than your trust. I want hearts every day to build our passion so love can flow through our veins day and night no secrets, just the one’s in the bedroom. Today a special thanks to recap our solo and joint relationship, Let’s enjoy parallel word valentine day and prepare to start a new management idea to run my love, body and soul. I love you Al way! 
P.S If your word are that tasteful and good I might let you taste the sugar because my sugars bitter! 

Love is a journey and try to expect failure if the connect is lost,

With Love Parallel word Valentine Day

By. Rodney Askins



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